Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Mr. Man.

I can hardly believe that my little boy has turned 10. Where did the time go, it seems like only yesterday that I was on mat leave enjoying my newborn little boy.

Nolan is very athletic and generally does quite well at any sport he tries, but it is the trying part that can be a bit tricky. He just doesn't like to try new things, so although he has had a fantastic year, it didn't come with out some challenges. He played Hockey in the winter, and Baseball in the spring as he had done in past years, but Track & Field took more a lead role this spring and although he has enjoyed ball, he really wanted to focus on track and mainly his throwing events this year.

Track & Field has brought out a new confidence in Nolan that makes me so proud of him, regardless of how well he does at each meet. His determination and desire to improve and train sure paid off by the end of the season. As he focused on Shotput, javelin, and Discus, his other events, 60m, 100m, and long jump didn't see as much improvement over the year, but you can't have it all. He was still in the top 10 for those events as most meets, but did not medal often. However, in the throws, he turned over a new leaf and shone.

Early May, things just kind of clicked for him in shot put and he surpassed what I could even imagine he would throw. He ended the season with a personal best throw on 9.22m, only 4cm off of the shot put standard, but still with a put that places him as #7 in the top 10 all time record throws for 10 year old boys in BC.


He also picked up javelin and discus this year and did equally well in them. He ended the season in Javelin throwing 25.49m achieving standard which was 23.79 and was #10 in the all time top 10 rankings. Incredible.

Discus, which he struggled most of the year, he still received a silver medal in all track meets, but that was purely on brute force as he did not mast the technique of discus until the end of the year. When they say you save your best for last, well that is exactly what he did, with several weeks of training 4 days per week, he managed to pull out a gold medal throw at the JD Championships. A Throw of 22.67m, that not only achieved standard (21.77m) also landed him in the #3 spot in the top 10 Discus throwers of all time.

So we ended our track season on a high that will be very hard to beat, but this fall/winter, we decided that Nolan is going to try football and basketball, instead of playing hockey. He likes hockey, but he didn't seem to love it, or at least not as much as Rylee and that is OK, but I want to give him lots of opportunities to try lots of sports and see what he enjoys the most. So last night, he had his first football practice and if that smiles says anything at all, it is that he had just a little bit of fun. :)

So as we look forward to what new things the fall will bring for the dude, I will sign off with some fun photos of him throughout the year.

  Enjoying shaved ice in Seattle at a softball tournament.

 The perfect Christmas gift for me, all picked out by him and Dad.

 A kid in a candy store .... need I say more. LOL

Birthday Photos, dinner out at Olive Garden.


 My handsome young man, 10 years old today. Can't wait to see what the next 10 years will bring for you.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Best of Intentions

After I decided to revive my blog, did a fabulous update of Alexis, and then our lives were turned upside down once again. Loosing our precious 10 year old niece the summer of 2014, just put us all in a fog and I would honestly say that fog lasted for a year or two. Yes, life went on, but nothing was the same, and nothing will ever be the same for any of us. Most days, we get along just fine and go about our days in our own little bubble, but there are those days, when the smell of food, or the tune of a song, or the photo that we come across bring back the flood gates of tears, as we remember our times with you and are sad for all those we will no longer get to share.

2014 was a year of great sorrow, far too many of my family passed on, some lead a full life and others were with us for just a glimpse of it. We were fortunate to be blessed with each of them being a part of our lives and although the enormous whole that has been left by each of them, we will remember you all and the memories we have will keep each of you in our hearts.


All our Angels watching over us in Heaven, until we meet again!!!

Happy Birthday

Missing you Dad, 
especially on these special days. 
Happy Birthday in Heaven. 


Crazy to believe that is has been over 3 years, it seems like yesterday that we all got together for that fabulous steak BBQ.  Today as remember your birthday, we reflect on our happiest of memories of you. All the fun we had playing cards and games, all the wonderful holidays especially Christmas that we shared with you and my family, and all the delicious food you prepared for us over the years and taught me how to make.

This will always be a favourite photo of mine, the kids enjoying the day with you at Henderson Lake. Such a wonderful afternoon together.

Henderson Lake with my 3 munchkins.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


My little girl, my first born, is growing up and has blossomed into the most amazing young lady. I am so very proud of her and all of her accomplishments from straight As in school, to a very talented softball player. She has started to shine in her own this past year and I love where I see her going....
In 2012, she was fortunate enough to make it on the Super Mite Islanders team under Coach Dave and since then her softball skills have flourished. That summer the Super Mites won Gold on the B side of Provincials and that helped foster her love for softball. She saw some moments of great success that weekend and since then we have seen the light shine in her eyes as she talks about softball.

This past year has been her biggest development year as she worked hard to earn a spot on the 02A Islanders team as one of their top pitchers. She has had her moments of struggle this year, but we think it has only made her stronger and now that the ball season is over, she has the summer to improve her strengths and work on the areas that need attention.

A lot has happened for this young lady in the last two years, when the Super Mite team formed, she had made a decision to no longer do ballet, but she continued tap dancing for one more year. This past September, as hard as it was she had decided that she would dedicate her year to softball and put away her tap shoes for good. She loved dancing, but when the group started to compete she was torn between softball games/tournaments and the dance competitions. In the end her love for softball prevailed and thus left her with the decision to quit dance altogether, but she still taps her toes and dances from room to room at home, and that girl still has rhythm.

This year has been a great year for her self development. Aside from her tremendous improvement in ball, she has also flourished in many other sporting activities. She joined the school's cross country team and once again received a silver medal at the Salmon Run (meet against a few local Catholic Schools), and came in the top 10 when they competed against the other city schools. She played Volleyball and Basketball this year, and was asked on several occasions to play up with the grade 7 team. In the spring she also joined the school's track and field club and did very well, especially her 4x100 relay team coming home from the BC Elementary track meet with a Bronze Medal was a great accomplishment for them.

She also took an umpire clinic this year and has tremendous success umpiring games this year. She did a couple of tournaments and a handful of league games. She was a very consistent and fair umpire and received many compliments from coaches and parents this year. We did have once incident though, that shook her up a bit, an unkind coach completely forgot that she was only 11 and got upset with her. She umped a very fair game and the parents from both teams complimented her, but the sting of that coaches words and tone made her very reluctant to ump again. The president of the association took her under his wing, recruited (in my opinion) one of the best veteran umps out there and put her back into a game. This was HUGE, her self confidence soared, the ump complimented her every step of the way, and when I saw the smile on her face when the game was over I knew all would be well. She earned just over $300 this year umpiring and has decided that she will put the money towards an iPad Mini. I am so proud of her.

So as we head into the tail of summer holidays, we have been planning her 12th Birthday party, and I am just as excited as she is to organize it. We decided on an Amazing Race theme, and I gave her to go ahead to have a huge party. Entering into Grade 7, this will be her last year with these friends, and since her birthday party is just before the start of school what better way to celebrate with her friends then to have a big party. Over the next few weeks, I get to devise the clues and the tasks they will do and make this super fun for them all. It really should be a lot of fun.

So with that, I will sign off for today and leave you with some photos of my beautiful not so little girl.

2012 Photos

 Photo taken in 2012 after her tap dance recital with Rylee and her friend Emily who came to watch the show.

 Some of her dance group the day of the recital

U10 Provincial B Side - Gold Champions

2013 Photos

Alexis in her final year of tap dance, the group was really were very talented. The pro show is normally saved for the graduating dancers, but they were invited to dance with them and they did so well.
Miss Amy worked very hard with these girls and it showed. 

 Officially became an Islander at the Islander Rep Rally and Rose Ceremony

 Pitching against Surrey Storm

Bronze Medal Winners in North Delta Tournament

2014 Photo

 Cross Country - Silver Medal 

The 2014 Islander 02A Team

Her First Game as an Ump

Alexis and a few team mates that also took the umpire clinic

I have many other photos to share too, but not with me, so I will upload those when I have a chance.